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    October 30, 2013
    6:00 - 6:31am PDT  

still have the budget last time? >> yes, actually this top two, then. >> great job. thank you. melanie, and one, quick question about the party which was great, you know, we at one point there was 200 folks and at one point, i noticed that there were four commissioners, just as a point of clarification from the city attorney, what is mr. brown and his brown act say about the four commissioners? we can say hey what is going on, i like your shoes and good party and we can't talk about the environment commission business? >> we were not using survey monkey at the party. >> yeah. >> if you want to go ahead i will find the exact. >> okay, just curious, because there might be a time when all
seven of us are there celebrating, what do we do, we look the other way and we just say, you know, what happened to the 9ers this weekend? what do we do? >> we under no circumstances will talk about that. we could talk about the english premier league you will get at least two of us interested in that. subject matter. >> okay. and then, i don't think that we have action. yes. >> as stated in the city's good government guide which is a summary of the public meeting laws and public record laws, the attendance of a majorty members of at policy body at a recreational gathering is not a meeting, it is one gathering is not sponsored or organized by or for the policy body. and two, the majority of the
members refrain from using the occasion to discuss business within the subject matter jurisdiction of the body. >> okay. >> does that mean a minority can? >> i would have thought that anyone can't. >> a minority. less than a majority of the body can always meet and discuss. the public notice agenda requirements etc., are for when there is a quorum of the body. but that also applies to the committees. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> public comment? >> this item? >> seeing none. the item is closed. >> announcements.
>> getting to the end. >> announcements, colleagues, any announcements? >> seeing none, any public comment? >> seeing none, can we go on to the president's announcements? >> i have three announcements, we are almost at the end of the agenda, we are getting closer and, we are really almost at the end of the agenda, and any public comment? >> seeing none, item 18, please? >> new business, future agenda items. >> commissioner wald? >> so i have a brief issue, this is in response to comments that i received from people in my community following our last meeting, i would just appreciate it if the president would clarify for the record that at our last meeting, we
did not adopt a statement of any kind, so clean power. >> and i think that after, what most would say, is a very brief, and uneventful, conversation, we had a discussion about trying to synthesize our thoughts around a statement but i think that the record would reflect that we did not approve a statement on that evening. and i think that our clerk monica, might confirm such. there was no action taken to develop the statement. >> we do have a request from the public to think about it again. >> right. >> but it was very confusing at the end there. and i appreciate your taking
the time to clarify that, because a number of people as i said were confused. >> commissioner king? >> at some point in time i would like to dive into the conversion of grass fields and to athletic, to synthetic fields and so at some point in time i like to deal with that more closely. thank you, commissioner king. >> colleagues? future agenda items? >> new business? >> one thing, you know, so much stuff, you know, so little time, one of the things that i was getting some feedback, from some folks, you know, we encourage more and more community partners in our programs, the carbon fund grant and we extended to get the applicants in with the programs and we got the feedback that the process was difficult to understand and that we might want to do some guidance and some questions around the number of page limits or what
was the page limits and i guess that we gave the folks some more time to maybe think through, because, you know, as a result i read the rfp and i thought that i was reading a science manual which is okay and it is scientific stuff and you know the genus and the species of trees and all of that stuff and maybe for operations, something about maybe, inventing the community, friendly rfp, something that is really, based on the results that organizations do in the community, and maybe gives a nudge and guidance on how to tell that story, but a lot of organizations are so great at doing the work, but sometimes, you know, to write the magic language and to write the species of the tree, it just gets more challenging. just thought... yes, director. >> thank you, president arce for that recommendation. i am happy to state that we started that discussion at the dependant and we are lucky to have resources at the department that we can provide
to the community to engage them in the environmental work and to help them meet our environmental goals and that does mean that we have come up with a number of different rfp processes that exist in one department and we are in the process of looking at all of the rfps that we run and particularly with an eye towards of how to make sure that the bar is such that it is as many community members who want to participate and apply can do so in a way that is not confuse and straight forward and provides the most opportunity for the most groups. >> thank you for the discussion and i will be happy to come back with the staff at operations or at the full policy committee to give you a report on what we determined. >> thank you, melanie. >> any other points, public comment on this item? >> mr. brooks? >> good evening, again, eric brooks, san francisco green party local grassroots organization. and our city and san francisco clean energy advocates, first i want to second commissioner
king's proposal and there is new evidence coming out that the tire chrome that goes under a lot of these artificial turf fields is very, is more toxic than was previously believed, and particularly for children and wild life. and we need to analyze that much more closely. because the new evidence on that is showing that we should not be using this stuff. >> and there are all, there are alternatives to the tire crumb. >> i am against any plastic turf and there are alternatives and i think that the best one is grass. >> and then on the clean power sf, issue, and i just want to make sure that to reiterate yes, the, the advocates want in the next meeting, and i mean hopefully not taking a lot of time in that meeting if it is in the bay view and the next meeting for the commission to take a stand on this issue.
and to advocate to move forward immediately and i would say that the commission's number one criticism which was spot on at the last meeting, was that was quite correct, but the built out work from the sfpuc especially, is not there yet. and now, the work that was laid on the table in front of you guys in your march meeting by local power is pretty well baked and it is not complete yet and it needs to be completed and i think that the main point that we as advocates wants to say to you instead of waiting for the sfpuc to get that work completed and telling them hey, you did not complete that work so the program can't move forward and go ahead and help us move the program forward and get it in gear and get those rates, and what we are calling you on to do is work with the board of supervisors on the lafco to the extent that they will work with
you, the sfpuc on getting the build out plan finished. and so that we don't have to make our, and we don't have to delay the program and we are saying to you, is instead of saying that it is not ready, help us make it ready and work with them to make it ready and so that we don't have to wait and start the program immediately and so that is what we would like to see at your next meeting is something that takes a strong stand for this commission and this department to take a strong lead in moving this forward in the next year. >> thank you. >> comments on this item? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item 19, please? >> excuse me >> commissioner king. >> my apologies, i have something work-related that i need to have going on about 7:00 for. so i need to be excused. >> not a problem, commissioner
king. >> we are still five? i can't count. four? >> five, okay. thank you. >> yes? >> commissioner josefowitz? >> no. >> item 19 please? >> >> public comment on memberss of the public may address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and not on today's agenda. >> >> jackson again, and i came and especially i came before this committee, and a year ago. about a building at 3453rd street where there was to be a wellness interview and in that area is very toxic. and it is close to the sewage plant which is very toxic. and right at the area there, they have the railroad tracks and they have the train coming
in there and it is not a safe area but the children or adults to be in that area, and i had requested that this body do environmental impact, you know, study, for that area. because, what i have found out, as of yesterday, there is, i will not talk about that, any way, what i would like to see whether or not you all will please help my community, the people are dying, from the toxic out there. and we don't know children not seeing as anyone else being in that area because of the toxic there. and it is very bad but they want to do it any way, and they need to be you all. for the safety and health of the people and so i am coming
to you to see whether or not you are going to do this and it needs to be down within a month. because there are plans now coming about to really start trying to build in that area. it is not a safe area, i would not be saying this, because if i did not know, because you see the people are pointed to a lot of committee commissions that don't know bay view hunter's point and they do not know the community and they don't know the danger in that area and so will you please, please, take care of my children in bay view hunter's point as well as seniors because i am 80 years old and i just keep fighting and keep fighting and keep saying it, get this done, please? will you all do that for me? please? and i will come before you again and i don't want to have to come back asking for the same thing to happen. so i don't know if you all were on the committee at the time when i requested it last year, but i do know that someone came
before this commission, and i guess in the last month, with the same thing. and thank you so much. >> and you all have a blessed evening. >> dr. jackson. >> i know we are not supposed to talk about building and lands use and i bring the by laws to the meetings and i was trying to with the tail end of what dr. jackson was saying, as long as we are not reviewing or making recommendations will there be anything against the department making a kind of inquiry on behalf of the environmentalist community leader just with with respect to because there has been comments around this proposal to even find out the status of it, the environmental review and something with the team and we would not be reviewing or making recommendations just inquiring just a petition of the folks with the environmental questions.
i hope that i said that loud enough. >> it sounds like that kind of inquirly would be appropriate and more general or broad based would be better. >> okay. >> rather than addressing one specific building, if you could ask about some sort of assessment for that neighborhood. >> and i know, but i think that we have heard a couple of times about the particular sites or a block, and you know that i think is... >> and that could also be fine, but again, a particular structure or a particular use, you are getting a little closer. and maybe we could figure out off line that we would love for us to be a place in folks for a petition and the community members to try to get that information. and let's see, seeing no other public comment. public comment is closed. item 20 please? >> public comment on all matters pertaining to the subsequent closed session on public employee performance plan and appraisal report.
>> do we have any public comment on our closed session item which is 22 on the agenda? >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed any, i think that is it on that item. >> so, on whether to hold closed session to evaluate the performance of the executive director melanie nutter this is an action item. >> i think who can confirm that is appropriate and it has been led to my understanding and so if i could entertain a motion from colleague to hold closed session to evaluate the performance of our executive director. >> motion. >> second. >> okay. >> all of those in favor? say aye. >> aye.
>> okay. and at first, for us in sfgovtv our relationship we have got to do something. >> this will be a closed session on the public employee performance and apraysal. and you have a topy of the plan and report and this is a discussion and possible action item. we will wait to go into
>> open closed session. vote to whether to hold >> all of those in favor, say aye. >> aye. >> thus there is no report. and on the possible closed session, and we are at that last, item, but i just want to say, everyone, please, i hope that you recognize, monica and her amazing working of all of the different steps that it takes to go live on to stgof
and she is switching microphones for different speakers to talk to and she is talking to the eye in the sky somewhere to get everything working in closed session, and sthe has us on everything, she has provided us guidance on how to do our job with the switch and so, we would like to if we can move to item 24 and get a motion to adjourn. with the big thank you to monica, i would appreciate it. >> colleagues? >> i move that we adjourn and that we thank monica for all of her work. >> second. >> any public comment. >> seeing none, all of those in favor to adjourn. >> say aye. >> thank you for the recognition. >> thank you.done.
>> it's a pleasure to have a you here at the martin luther king academy is school for this important celebration. i service in the district.
before i serve say a few words i want to thank and acknowledge some important individuals that are with us morning. if i miss someone which i will i wanted to thank you all a general thank you for being here today. i think today, we be mark in our calendars as a seminal chafrng point in public education in san francisco moving forward. before i go any further i want to recognize our members our elected commissioner commissioner joel winning who's with us this morning (clapping) >> i'd like to recognize commissioner matt haney who is with us thank you. and playing a dual rule the mayors commissioner mendosa mcdonald who is here with us
(clapping) and the heroes in my mind absolutely the folks that led the work effecting lives each and every day our entire principle group is here today. can you stand so we can applaud you? thank you. thank you for being here. and obviously, we want to thank our principle here at martin luther king middle school natalie for opening her doors to us (clapping) >> i'd like to okay as well as our assistant superintendant ms. jean i didn't pond. (clapping). >> our director of middle schools mr. richard curbing i didn't (clapping). >> and you may have heard r a
word or two is our superintendant that supervisors our k 12 schools and, of course, i will introduce him look at later in the program but your absolutely visionary and leader of '71 of san francisco mr. ed lee mayor thank you. and a try visionary and a great great citizen of san francisco and also our partner mr. benny thank you for being here (clapping) >> i'd like to recognize two corporate's partners here today mr. ken at zinc good who partnered u.s.s.
from auto deck mr. carl he's not here but titus his entire team is auto deck thank you. just a couple more introductions, if you will, many of those conversations are ongoing but i personally remember a dinner that i tenant a little bit more than a year ago and we talked about the dream we had. but i also want to recognize susan keeping who is here from the creeping foundation. and then a person we've been working with hand and >> prayer by the chaplain. >> hand you choose the analog but helped us with a true
partnering susan we appreciate your help (clapping). >> and then last but not least one person is here one is not by the two members the district staff that's been on the ground both visionary but making the trains won run on time and she's our special assistant to the chief of staff. (clapping) and then our district chief of staff who couldn't be here today is on the east coast planning her daughter's wedding but that's laura wherever you are. why are we here today and thank you middle school to talk about this partnership. ladies and gentlemen, if you look at who we are in san francisco and as and former
history teacher we're in the technology local place of the world. the innovative things that happen in technology and the innovative things that happen in any part of the stem idea science, technology engineering and market you can drug draw d a line back to san francisco. so it makes sense that the public schools should reflect that innovation and that sense of urge awhile engaging and preparing our spreadsheets students for careers and jobs that don't exist. so how do we do that within an educational institution. we don't charge for you services. we sell nothing to public schools so we're really, really
did not that on and glad to work with the civil folks in our community who have a deep sense of what it will take to make sure that all residents of san francisco are ready to jump into the vision. we're very proud of the successful pardoning that beef be able to get with the 3 legged stool and that's public educational institutions like san francisco unified school district and elected officials like the mayor of the san francisco and private corporate civil management individuals. when you bring those are 3 forces together you can create wonderful things for the fair
enough which our city and for the children. we are here to a celebrate the first step in moving towards that kind of relationship the 3 legged partners. they're saying we're going to chart a course into the future so every student is prepared to engage if the 21st century but t is ready to be a participating partner. we're going to start some more and we're going to start where the magic happens in the middle schools. thank you. for that partnership and the brlgs have been clear our goal is to educate every single students regardless of what race creed or sexual orientation they
happen to be from. we're going to educate them with an ice through quickest by the way, when necessary leave our doors their external equipped to participate in the vision. this partnership is going to help us do that and help insure point itemal divide that exists does not exist no. your schools and the divides in opportunity doesn't exist that students will be able to use and identify and think critically and work in teams and think outside the box this is what this is going to help us do. 83 we want to thank you. one last example folks have asked me mr. supermarket? about
devices and wireless and days they're to be outdated in a few months. so let me be very, very clear this is not about devices we're talking about ipads or whatever we're talking about changing the way students engage with knowledge. can you image the student that is studying their history and take a theme from history and students are allowed to take a position assuming the identity of one of the historic figure they get to make an eye move about that particular seen and change the outcome. what would have happened in that particular debate went another way are t